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  • NEW Learner's Dictionary

    This new release contains an updated version of the Learner's Dictionary. The Learner's Dictionary is now fully up to date, with new words and updated definitions and examples. The Learner's dictionary covers all of the vocabulary that intermediate students need to make progress, with clear, easy-to-understand definitions and thousands of examples of words used in real English. You can look up a word or phrase in the Learner's Dictionary by selecting "Learner's" in the drop-down list of dictionaries in the search panel at the top of any page on Dictionaries Online.

  • Did you mean...?

    If you spell a word wrongly, you can often still find the word you're looking for. For example, if you search for 'interupt' you will see a message saying that that word was not found, and offering some alternatives. If one of these is what you were looking for, click on it to go to the entry..

    Easy to understand

    Our definitions are written using clear, simple language and are easy to understand, which means that they are ideal for learners of English.

    Examples of use

    As well as definitions, the entries contain helpful example sentences which show how words are used in context. These examples are based on authentic, up-to-date English and are excellent models for writing.

    Spoken pronunciation

    You can click on any speaker icon to hear how the word is pronounced – red for British English, blue for American English.

    Help with grammar

    Unlike most dictionaries, gives lots of information about the grammar of words – not just the plural form or the past tense, but also whether a verb can only be used with an object, which preposition to use, and much more.

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